I still feel sad everytime I think about it



1. graduating in less than a month (EEP!) – need a haircut
2. job hunting sucks, BIG time. I mean rejection within 30 minutes of applying? REALLY?
3. being an adult is hard? a 30-year old one who just got out of grad-school is having a hard time
4. Rafael is so charming and supportive – I need a Rafael in my life rn
5. time is running out so fast it is not even funny – SO many things to do, so little time



okay so this has been awhile
what have I done?
apparently I was using the blog to procrastinate while I write my thesis


I submitted the thesis on the 11th of Nov
(which trust me, took foreverrrr to check and recheck and compile)
that was such a relief to have it just out of my life (albeit temporarily)

I then started to write my paper which is taking me longer than I expect it to be and so I also resumed being in the lab
(seriously, was missing being on my feet after months on my bum)

2018 came around (dafuk how is it 2018 already?)
you know what that means right?
wawasan 2020 is looming
I got my corrections from the examiners sometime end of Jan
did the corrections in a week (they were minor so pretty breezy)
tho I must admit, I did get a wee bit overwhelmed with the responsed
granted this is the first time (ever) I received criticism based on my writing from people who do not know me at all
but after that all okaydokay
and BOOM – just received the completion letter today

apparently I can’t use the title yet
so predoc it is!


I got a bit emotional today
thinking about all the things that have been done, all the mistakes, all the blood, sweat and tears (truckloads of tears)
and how my family and I sacrificed a lot for this
but it will be worth it
just wished that my dad could’ve been here to see me graduate