kellyolosolo – day 1

One of the best things about travelling alone is the fact that you are completely outside of your comfort zone and you tend to take things as is.
and you definitely discover so much more

The next few posts will be just that (for my note of course and your entertainment if you will)

Day 1: that long af flight

Usually before a flight I can’t really sleep. I don’t know probably it is the anxiety or the sheer excitement that I am actually going somewhere different for once but hey all good.
I woke up earlier than my alarm clock(s), mom was worried that I was not going to wake up since I did tell her of my nightmares of being so late for my flight that I missed it.
But I will spare you the cliffhanger

so I did wake up ha.

I went over all my stuff and the bus came on time and off I went for this kellyventure!
Went to the checkin and there were soo many people. Stood in line for about an hour and I realised I was standing at the completely wrong line (typical me)
Since I was flying to Sydney first, it was supposed to be a domestic flight (failpaus)

Checked in and flight to sydney was on-time and then more waiting at the airport
this is why I dislike flying:
1. There is just so much time used doing nothing but wait – checkin, immigration, bags, etc
2. There is just so many people
3. An aeroplane is a confined space up in the air where you wait some more with tons of people (i.e. combination of point 1 and 2)

Anyways, had a window seat (YAS) and was sat next to this really awesome man (Albin) who is pretty much an adventurer of life. And you could sorta tell from what he was wearing – a purple plain T-shirt with burnt orange cargo pants + hiking boots (and a matching orange backpack). He was originally from Poland but he moved to Sydney with his family and he started off work as a saxophonist in a band before becoming a tiler/floorer (is this the right term?). He lives in the Blue Mountains and we spent a lot of time talking about his adventures which stories were pretty bomb – this dude’s been everywhere!. He was transiting to SF before hopping onto another plane to see some family in Seattle before jetting off to Alaska to see the Northern Lights! (this is on my bucketlist). 
We were also talking about life in general and religion – how the world is so skewed in their thinking based on their supposed skewed beliefs. One thing I’ve done was to raise awareness about my religion and well, I know it’s just one person but it’s one person less clueless.
We parted ways and I wished I had gotten some form of contact (serial friend collector in action haha) 

First thought I had about SFO – “hmm this is a small airport”
Got my bags and stood in line for more than an hour for immigration/border security
Second thought I had: “omg more waiting”
Got my transport tickets for the first 3 days and got on the bus to go to my airbnb
I was so jakun – SF has so many beautiful valleys and hills is ridiculous
Got into my airbnb
and third thought I had: “omg stairs” 
there were so many stairs it felt like a friggin night shopping ad “BUT WAIT, there’s MOAR”

(skips part I drag my luggage up the stairs)
universe is cursing me for not gymming for months. that’s what’s up hey.

went total dora explorer mode (with my bagpack) and went out to grab a simcard and tour the city. I was just repeatedly pinching myself. Because everything was too surreal.
first few shops I went in were – Sephora, MAC, Urban Outfitters – everything is just so big and so many – my eyes are bigger than wallet (sadface)

Went on the cable car which was pretty sweet as, and I have to say this but SF is SO hilly, I mean these hills were steep! it really felt like a rollercoaster (a slow one lah)- went all the way to the bay where the Fisherman’s Wharf was + Pier 39 + Ghirardelli Square which were all so very pretty. The Pier39 had the famous sealions with Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge (GGB) at the back. 

Headed back to the city and went grocery shopping because I’m a makcik and that’s how we roll. Then just headed back and whambamthankyoumam KO like a rock.


taggity tag tag

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you’re supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 (!) people to be tagged (a tad bit too many, no?) You have to tag the person who tagged you (da that was you!)

1. my second name is liyana [bet you didn’t know that huh]

2. i’ve only been to 1 musical (the king and I which was very the awesome) and 1 concert (stevie wonder) in my whole entire life [unless you count going to ‘Dora the Explorer’ with my cousins a musical]

3. i’ve always wanted to be in a band being the cool keyboardist and being the centre of attention [hahaha only the 1st part is true la]

4. i was the sombong kid in primary school [yea i know, hard to believe]

5. i don’t exactly know how to cook here in oz, i just throw in all sorts of things in and if i’m lucky it’ll turn out to be good..haha

6. i really wanna go backpacking all over south america

7. i like to eat serbuk milo mixed with susu tepung, that was like, my quick fix

8. i can pick locks [had a lot of practice during college days]

9. i like to sketch flowers, usually just pluck one and stare at it with my sketch book for a good 1 hour.

10. im a die hard romantic and im a self-proclaimed female cupid.

11. you can never forget my birthday. 3 letters, W.T.C. ring any bells?

12. i believe in true love. i have this childhood fantasy of growing old and living on a tropical island in the carribean sea..haih

13. i used to do graffiti… on paper mind you

14. i bake a mean cheesecake but my mom still says it’s her recipe haha

15. i love beaches on sunset and sunset at beaches

16. i’m a serial youtube-r

17. the first thing i check in the morning is the weather

18. speaking of, the weather is my mood maker

19. im an earring person if you know what i mean 🙂

20. i prefer burger king over mcd’s. the burgers are a hell lot more juicier and grilled! (healthy..verrryy healthy :P)

21.i wanna open a bakery. picture this, kelly’s bakery, has a nice ring to it la. ive even come up with a jingle hahaha

22. im addicted to almond butter and jam on toasted bread. delish!! 😀

23. i still want an iguana for my birthday and that was 5 years ago *sigh*

24. i’m outta ideas

25. zZz

ramble later,



i have lost my tag-virginity to ateqs
HAHAHA somehow, that sounds so wrong
but aaaannnywaaays,

The 7 most random/weird/unknown things about yours truly:

1.I was the only child until I was almost 9 (darjah 3). So when my sister came along, I went to see her for the very first time in the hospital. As I was carrying her in my arms, my immature brain says: that is SO not my sister, it looks like a small red alien baby!

2.I believe mermaids exist..haha..!!but yeah, been holding that hope on seeing one ever since The Little Mermaid..see how Disney can effect kids like me?( I call it disneynitis)

3.I learned to ride the bicycle when I was 15 (yeah, not exactly normal..late bloomer I say) because i didn’t want petrified to take my training wheels off when I was 9. And so, that one fine winter day in December, I learned to ride a bike..woot..but after getting 11 bruises (yeah I counted!) all over and riding into a hedge.

4. I failed my PTS (I forgot what it stands for but it lets anyone who passes it jump a grade). There were two parts to it, IQ and my “native” language, Bahasa Malaysia. I failed one of those parts. Guess which one is it? Yyeeeaap, the language part..what orang melayu fails bahasa melayu? ME

5.Sleeping for me is THE most essential drug. I sleep, A LOT.

6.I freak out at the sight of ANY animals which have more than 4 legs/ less than 1 leg (especially the ones with waaaaayy too many legs). But one thing, im O-kay with snakes tho and oh, I think frogs are reallllyyy cute! Not.toads.

7.I LOVE rollercoasters!!i am definitely a self-proclaimed rollercoaster addict. the fastah, the loopiah, the whole lot bettah! The best ever rollercoaster ride was in eurodisney (it’s the disneynitis, you see) Rock n Rollercoaster, it was REALLY fast and REALLY loopy!! and oh my, the adrenaline rush felt like i was on drugs or somethingg 🙂


p/s: i tag…….*drum rolls* syiraaa~