3 series

So it has officially been 3 weeks since I started the temp job
and also 30 years and a bit old

since then, I have:

– had my phone completed frazzled out resulting to the lost of data which includes photos, videos and contacts
(it felt as if the universe wanted me to reset my life and carefully select the people I want to be in contact with? or am I just overanalysing as usual?)

– agreed to be part of a panel in an international forum
(my current boss’ mantra is “say yes, fear later”)
It would be in a month’s time and am trying not to panic
(my current boss’ other mantra is “fake it till you make it”)

– participated in a science show by Petrosains at KLCC
which was a lot of fun I must admit. Never would I have imagined that I would be cutting up “antibodies” and buying silly string AND it is part of work heh. I helped with some of the slides as ppt is kinda my thing.

– agreed to give a lecture to master’s students about CRISPR
which would be interesting
am excited to make the slides and I really want to try my best at this scicomm thing. so fingers crossed!

last but not least,
– had my birthday celebration spent with just the mom over dinner
it has been more than 10 years since I was able to spend it with her with you know being away from home and all. we went to this place called Fuego which was so good. I almost gave up on the ‘western food’ here but Fuego proved me wrong.

I have been genuinely enjoying my time at home while I figure out everything else. I think mom is secretly happy that she has a teman now 🙂


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