I can’t wait for this to be finally over
sure, I have enjoyed it but am quite keen to move on to the next level tqvm

“what will be the first thing you’d do after you finish?”

to be honest, I have no idea, not a clue
sleep? I imagine I wouldn’t have gotten the best sleep in awhile towards the end
heck, I’m kinda deprived now. Sure I sleep, and for more hours than I should sometimes but pure blissful sleep without any troubling thoughts lingering?
nah, not for awhile right now.

I know I want to travel
I’ve got Greece and South America (and Disneyland) and definitely back to the island on the list

I asked mom,
“where should we go after I finish? NY, Miami, Colombia or Disneyland?”
without any hesitation
(lol okay ma)

I think I accidentally got her hooked on watching series online
first take, I was just teaching her ‘how to stream stuff online’
first movie she watched was Moana (sidenote, Heihei the chicken was the star fo sho)
and since then she’s been streaming a whole bunch of series

“how many seasons are there for NCIS?”
“I don’t watch that, watch criminal minds lah”
“I’ve finished them all”
“WHAT?! But there are soo many episodes?”
“yeah, 3-4 a day, it’s really easy to finish them all. I don’t want to watch the old seasons”

“watch Dr Ken, he’s funny!”
“I don’t do funny”

so yes, mom is now a pro at streaming. I can only imagine how it would be if and when Netflix back home is somewhat okay ha.
this coming from someone who was totally skeptical when we asked her to get the tablet, I say this is progress
heck, I think it’s more than that
she is now more on facebook and instagram than yours truly
and screenshots posts she thinks are interesting/informative and whatsapps them to me
(she also keeps tabs on us that way but we got nothin’ to hide haha)

talking about the future
and having the existential crisis
I go, “ma you’ve known me forever, what am I meant to do??”
“I don’t know, you like tinkering with things”
(thanks ma, not helpful)

every now and again,
I send her my creations, be it a baked good, or some graphics I made or sometimes my recordings of me singing
I sent her yesterday a recording
and she went
“do you want to change your career?”
mind you, am totally average at best, just wanted to show her I’ve finally figured out how to play the guitar a certain way
she’s just biased

next is teaching her how to spotify

Here’s another #smms gem


I have to admit, I was a skeptic at first. When stressed, I usually go into total-hermit mode, i.e. a complete opposite to the weekend I had. It was pretty much a room full of grad students who were typing furiously for hours. I picked a corner with windows (people watching when that roadbock hits). But hey, I won’t lie, I was anxious hearing all these strokes happening  on Friday arvo. “dayum, you typing that much?!” – seriously, the kph (keystrokes per hour) were ridic. I felt pressured to keep up but I was sooo slow. I bet a snail sliding on my keyboard would be heaps faster (okei, slightly exaggerating there heh). But surprisingly, I got about 1.6k down on that arvo. Fast forward to Sunday night, I had over 11k words/brain farts down on Word. The trick is to just write, no grammar checks, no ref checks, just write what you have in that brain. What was cute is that for every 5k we got down, we get a lego brickimg_9331 and best part they are squeezable ones! (the kid in me was happy as a clam lol). Overall, I was (1) shocked that I had that much info stored (no wonder it’s a jungle in there *ba dnk tss*), (2) that typing noise turned therapeutic later and weirdly was in sync with the playlist I had on spotify, which was pretty much rain sounds, I was in the zone man and (3) after so long being lost in the dark, I can say that I see the light, I mean it’s just a glimpse but man, if that glimpse feels this good, I can only imagine how amazeballs it’ll feel when I’m actually in the frigging light. I don’t know how to describe it, but I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders, it is as if I’m walking on clouds (fo’ realsies). For once in what feels like forever, I felt like things are beginning to click, like the end is so much more possible right now. So here’s to a fresh start to the ending of a chapter 🙂


img_9326I took myself out on a proper date as a treat (treat yoself). I had a really good chai and probably one of the best mushroom dishes I’ve had in a very long time. One thing I like about the culture here is that, it is not weird at all to be eating alone or shopping alone or doing anything alone. To be honest, I find it quite therapeutic. I mean, you get to completely be with your thoughts, really savouring every sip and every bite. . I’m not trying to be anti-social but I think it’s healthy to have that time alone. You kinda appreciate things a wee bit more. I’ve also been getting friendly to the idea of being out of social media. I’ve tried it out for over 2 weeks, primarily because homegurl has no self-control but it feels somewhat liberating? I get why people do it, to keep up with their friends etc, to know what’s going on and to just be in the know. But quite frankly, being in the know all the time is a bit much for me. Maybe it’s because I just have no time (currently) to be constantly in the know (fak is this the age talking?). But then again, I was never one who is comfortable being in the spotlight *shrugs*


this song makes no sense to me but the vibes are literally me since the weekend