so am going to this thesis bootcamp thingamabob over the weekend
and I think it’s time (about damn time) to set some rules for myself
from now until the end (so dramatic *law and order’s DN DNN*)

  1.  Operation Ghost: no social media, that includes, FB, IG, SC, TW (been sober for almost 2 weeks, try it guys, kinda liberating)
  2. Operation Ghost 2: limited outings
    – this actually reminded me of the times I go MIA 2-3 weeks before finals, I would totally go ghost on everything and everyone and pop up like the zombie that I have been during the finals, and my friends will say, “ah, you’re alive“, “sup playa”
  3. Limit to 3 episodes per week and perhaps 1 movie (and stop youtubing so much)
  4. EAT CLEAN DAMMIT (I struggle with this)(so bad)(writing/working makes me hungry)(HANGREH)
  5. Try and exercise every day (or every other day)(or twice a week) – status pending


pinky swear/bloodhandshake/yadayada

also on an related/unrelated note, just found out about spotify’s playlist of nature sounds and now I have this playlist of just rain sounds
soooo therapeutic!
it feels like the rain is massaging my brain

ha, rain brain

here’s to start of the end ♥


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