so am going to this thesis bootcamp thingamabob over the weekend
and I think it’s time (about damn time) to set some rules for myself
from now until the end (so dramatic *law and order’s DN DNN*)

  1.  Operation Ghost: no social media, that includes, FB, IG, SC, TW (been sober for almost 2 weeks, try it guys, kinda liberating)
  2. Operation Ghost 2: limited outings
    – this actually reminded me of the times I go MIA 2-3 weeks before finals, I would totally go ghost on everything and everyone and pop up like the zombie that I have been during the finals, and my friends will say, “ah, you’re alive“, “sup playa”
  3. Limit to 3 episodes per week and perhaps 1 movie (and stop youtubing so much)
  4. EAT CLEAN DAMMIT (I struggle with this)(so bad)(writing/working makes me hungry)(HANGREH)
  5. Try and exercise every day (or every other day)(or twice a week) – status pending


pinky swear/bloodhandshake/yadayada

also on an related/unrelated note, just found out about spotify’s playlist of nature sounds and now I have this playlist of just rain sounds
soooo therapeutic!
it feels like the rain is massaging my brain

ha, rain brain

here’s to start of the end ♥



when you want coffee, but you actually can’t take it so you make coffee chocolate chip cookies
got this gem from this site

sah good!

frapuccino cookie anyone? 😍

reduced the sugar and just used 113 g of butter
(in an obviously sad attempt to reduce the calories?)

I’ve eaten 3



during the session today
I was asked the question
“what’s your passion”

and I didn’t know how to answer that.
I knew what I wanted short-term, i.e. these 5 years
but then was asked
“what if you satisfied all that, what then?”
“what is in it for you?”

I didn’t know that either

or maybe I do and just didn’t know how to say it in a sentence
I just want things to be easy, for once.
just want to live that hakuna matata life man.


homesick lagi


so most of you should know being away from home is hard
being away from home for long periods of time is even harder
you miss out on soo much, weddings, babies, family time (and food!) – obviously in no particular order of importance 😉

I was teaching some high school kids yesterday
and one of them asked me, 

“what other languages do you speak besides English?”
(mind you this was probably the first time a kid has asked me this question)
“english and malay, malay is not exactly the most useful language tho”
“oh my uncle is malay”
I was so surprised that I asked her
“you mean, malay as in my colour malay?”
(’cause people do get confused between being a malay and malaysian and I would pretty much have to explain the whole races thing, how everyone is a malaysian but not everyone is a malay etc.)
“yeah! but am not sure where in malaysia he’s from. but malaysian food is soo good!”
“haha yeah we have really good food”

then another kid chimed in
“doesn’t ‘makan’ mean food in malay?”
(dude, this guy knows a word of malay, say whaa–)
“well not exactly, food is ‘makanan’. and ‘makan’ means eat. so if you want to say let’s eat, you’ll say, ‘jom makan'”
“jom makan makanan!”

and there I was, just in awe at how these kids are raving about malaysian food (which we get pretty often *shoulder brush)
but learning malay?
heck this is definitely a first


this is also a food appreciation post (FAP) when one of my dear friends gave me thosai/dose which I haven’t had in such a long time! I inhaled it like a mothabawse 🙌🏼

so ye, homesick lagi