kellyolosolo – day 2

this was a draft of day 2 in SF and I was way too tired to fill in the blanks on the day itself – reading it again a few weeks later – I think it suffice(s) (damn my grammar)

day 2: the day I died a few times

Woke up sore
and was thinking to myself – damn how am i going to cycle to the GGB and back
12.5 km is quite a distance for me but hey yolo
Had yoghurt and granola for brekkie which was yum – and realised I was quite late for getting to the bike rental place the tour on time (again, typical me)
Rushed to the cable car stop and then rushed my short legs
I died reaching there – I am so not fit (fakdis)
and we were all set to go and I have to say these bikes are nice
SO smooth and light

and off we went
Our first stop was the Maritime Museum/Ghirardelli Square/Coist tower in a distance
our tour guide was really nice and patient

pier – 

hill one – died – almost fell

palace of fine arts – damn


hill two – died – almost fell again


downhill from now


salsalito taco – fish tacossss

lunch with stranger

ferry or bike


downhill came to bite me – uphill – died a few times here


wharf view

hill (1281729) – almost died


back in one piece

went to lombard st – UPHILL 
had to use selfie stick

went back to city on cable car

moscone centre register

got home

and died


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