day one

of many things (don’t need to wait for the new year)
for starters,

  • social media detox 

I feel like I’ve been way too much on social media these days. It’s not like I post heaps of pics or vids but I think there are one too many footprints of mine in the social media space

  • sugar detox

one word – *holiday*
I don’t know what it is, once I go on a break it’s as if I get a licence to eateverythingIwantcalorieswhatsthat mode. so ye, sugar detox. (and junk food detox)

  • social detox
gotta prioritise my time with those who really matter rather than spending it with those who are just transient – also being kinder to myself and to others (ZAF)
  • focusing on the finishing line
6- 8 months, please. please. pleeaasee.

side note: am writing this from the comforts of my second home (the lab) with aircon and wifi, two things I have been robbed off this summer so far heh.

side note deux: dassit for now.

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