I’m a list person
if I’m stressed/in a panic mode
I just start making a list
kinda like my brain’s MO for handling trauma
and in a way that’s how I organise my brain cells heh

a friend asked me recently what do I look for in a guy
side story: people have been asking me quite a bit about this
(is it my age? or is it the wedding season again? who knows je ne sais pas)
as every person has their checklist
I have mine too
pretty general and there are only three items on that list
and am not asking for the moon and the galaxies but
so far, nada.
pasal itula letak on backest of back burners cause it ain’t progressing anyways.
biarla it simmer till the end of time

that same person also asked me who my celebrity crushes were
1. the rock
2. drake
3. trevor noah

there is a trend kan? lols

my list for my FY grad school on the other hand is a longer one.
God help me (prayer hands)
another comment that I’ve gotten quite a bit 
is, “you seemed normal for someone being in grad school”
ah, this must be TBBT bringing on the misconceptions of people in grad school/research
sure there are super geniuses whose brains are just literally mind-blowing (ba dnk tss) but then there’s the y’know, outliers/wild cards like me
who just keeps swimming (and try not to drown in the midst of it all)

which reminds me 
back to work.

and this song is so appropriate right now because it is sunday, it is morning and it is raining (and kelly is laming)


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