So one of my friends just submitted his thesis
and what lies next are just the corrections and graduation aka finish line
another one, is giving his oration this arvo which is pretty much the step before the writing & submission
I am beyond ecstatic for both of them 🙂
funny thing is,
this brought me right straight back to kindie
I remember this memory quite vividly
My friends and I were having recess time (because kindie was the tough life ha)
during recess we’ll get some sort of coloured drink in these mini tumblers
and got some form of this white fluffy bread
then we would go outside and play
one of our friends was visiting us and I remembered his name was Aaron
He just “graduated” from kindie and he was going to primary school – 1st grade
He was on the opposite side of the gate whereas we were on the other side
and I remembered my thoughts were
“I wonder how that feels like”
because he seemed at the time so grown up
whereas we were still doing kindie stuff

fast forward to present day
“I wonder how that feels like”
People telling me that “you’ll be fine” like a broken record
reassures me from time to time
but dang this is hard



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