so I was in the bathroom, just stepped out a shower
and my bathroom scale (let’s call him BS) was just sitting there
and we have not spoken in awhile
(i.e BS hasn’t informed me my weight)
so I was like, alright it has been awhile
stepped onto BS
I have more junk in my trunk
(cries a river)

therefore, I am swearing trialling off sugar for a week first
and then see how we go for the following whatever weeks
got this app called ‘HabitBull’ and for something with a Bull attached to it, it is hella cute
and for a habit to stick, it’d take 66 days – that’s 9 weeks and 3 days (0_0)

day 6 today
weird thing is I dreamt of having cookies yesterday night
and I remembered I actually opened the app to jot down my failure lols

I also have TWO
MONTHS before the writing period
gotta pound the alarm

side note: this song (heart emojis)

kermit hermita

It is that time of year
which is sometimes a spur
where I go to that place
to find some solace

you would think this place is kinda scary
with all things dark and moody
but actually quite contrary
I think it is all fine and dandy

you will know realise
that I am pretty shit at writing poems
but since you are in this space, you wouldn’t know otherwise



“how did you get over it?”

to be completely honest, I have no idea. It has been almost year since I had a bout of insomnia (or something like that)
I couldn’t sleep and I would wake up every hour or two. It was probably one of the worst feelings ever. i was not myself, I could not function, my train(s) of thoughts were clashing ans crashing. I could not focus, it felt like autopilot everyday except that I did not know what I was doing most of the time.

But it is over now and God forbid it will ever happen again.