no matter hard I try to sleep in
I always tend to wake up at 7ish
which is quite annoying
and totally negates the words ‘sleeping in’

anyhoo, I’ve been trialling this night shift
and gotta say I kinda like it
sure the building is creepy af as night
because it is made of glass and steel and so
it creaks like nobodys biz
but I really appreciate the silence (zen time)

so last week I started teaching the high schoolies again
and I forgot how much I liked it
teaching them in a way, reminded me how I was at the start
especially the unjadedness part of it
because in reality, science does takes its toll on you
usually the teachers come together with the kids to sort of supervise them and such
and surprisingly, one of the teachers actually came up to me and another demonstrator and told us “you would really make good teachers, you have talent”
that comment/feedback is really nice because as mentors/demonstrators, we don’t really get feedback like that often
and it was good to know that we were doing a good job to guide the students

I’ve never actually considered being a teacher/lecturer
I always figured I wouldn’t have the patience to do so
but who knows.

on a totally unrelated but urgent note



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