snippets I

Sitting in front of the TV in my parents’ bedroom

while eating was probably a usual thing we do
Most nights would be a battle for the remote
But some nights when he wins, we would watch wrestling
It was then I knew of Triple H, the Undertaker, and my personal favourite, The Rock

“Ni makan ni”
as he hands me a bowl of cut-up fruits he would have brought back from his way back from the office
I was not exactly a fruit-eater before
more of a carnivore
But because the fruits were already cut-up – (yeah so diva kan)
Favourites include – ciku, jambu air, and starfruit


“Lisah get up”
as he shakes my legs (because I sleep like the dead) for school
Our house didn’t have running hot water
so he would boil water in a kettle and get the bath ready for me
(once again, so diva kan)


The other day, sometime last week
I went to a career session (yeah real shit starts soon) and they were discussing about mentoring
and I realised that he was my mentor
I remembered one time, I asked him to look over my draft letter for some official business and he basically butchered the whole thing
The only thing which was left was the part where I introduced myself
Anyways he guided me through interviews, letters, and pretty much one of the reasons where I am today


“ba is this papaya?”
“no it’s mamaya”

and his numerous lame jokes (I definitely got this trait from him)

I am not really not much of a cook (future hubs would need to eat bread all day errday)
but he definitely was (’cause he loves food)
best dishes
– nestum on the stove (like crack man)
– gulai itik with nenas (duck coconut stew with pineapple)
– codfish with coriander + soy sauce
– fried eggs with onions
– his amped-up maggi noodles

to be continued…

it is really true what they say
people might pass, but the memory lives on.

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