milky way (first one ever!)
mount donna buang
7th May 2016

I’ve always had a thing for astronomy
heck, being an astronomer was one of the “job options” I had
alongside other unrealistic ones like
– piano player in the orchestra and/or musician
– marine biologist
– songwriter
I absolutely love looking up at the stars at night, especially if it was pitch black and you could actually see the milky way, the first time I saw the milky way was during the trip I took to Central Australia and dayum, the sky was lit up
and it was a shame I couldn’t capture it at all with my G11 so mental picture was the way to go

fast forward to last Saturday morning
we drove up to Mount Donna Buang in the Yarra Ranges to catch the Aquarid meteor shower in hopes to see shooting stars
and wow, the sky put up a damn good show – it was amazing, humbling and was just surreal.
I got some settings off the net to play with my G11 and bam, I manage to friggin capture the milky way (!!!) and I could even capture shooting stars (yes, lucky af)
I didn’t have a tripod so I was using stacked up tupperware as a tripod (or shall I say tupperpod *ba dnk tss*) and it worked! 

[achievement unlocked]

other unwanted achievements milestones that night
– dapat saman speeding (tak laju pun)
– langgar batu, rosak kereta

so this month I am miskin AF

next shower is at the end of July so wanna definitely prepare for that one!
stargazeralliance lezgo


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