just watched probably the most tear-jerking episode of Criminal Minds
and the bad news (or worst news) is that Derek Morgan/Shemar Moore is gonezo
so no more eye candy boo
I always liked his character
and I realised I like Dwayne Johnson/The Rock too
there is a trend here ha.
bald and mixed lulz
It’s the five day Easter weekend
what I aim to do:
– catch up on sleep
– catch up on work
– catch up on work
– catch up on work

so much work. so little time, such limited brain RAM.
I have eaten too many chocolate eggs it’s ridic
and to be honest, I think I’ve been rather good with my chocoholic tendencies
but all these eggs sorta opened the floodgates
and now I feel like baking something chocolatey tomorrow
like chewy choc chips.
damn son.

also, this song from Zayn is surprisingly good.


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