march into april

more like falling helplessly into april 
without some kind of brake whatsoever (or shall I say break *ba dnk tss*)
It’s been pretty full on these past few days
I am just tired all day errday
I come back home and totally, totally check out my brain and do braindeady stuff like watch series and buzzfeed 
what I need to do is continue doing the work I didn’t get to do at work at just try and finish it at home.
almost emailed this person on linkedin because I wanted to know how he got to where he is. reason being, I think what he does is pretty much exactly what I want to do in the future
he’s like the “quentin tarantino” of the science world
minus the blood and gore (and guns) of course

long story short, I bailed
takpa, next time
“so going anywhere this easter?”
what I say: “nah bruh, no time”
what I *want*: “yea boi, gonna go up to byron bay for a coupla days”

so is life.
(ish, such a ranty post tsk)
The attempt to counter my fears/worries is still an ongoing project of mine
putting myself out there in terms of ideas and/or talent is, I would say, a work in progress
KIV so to speak
I did however donated blood last weekend!
big feat for me because:
1. I’m scared of blood
2. I’m scared of needles
which is pretty much what it is really
Blood coming from people I’m still ok with but do get a bit icky
If the blood was however coming from me…oh lord
and I have been scared of needles for a very long time
and this needle is a huge ass madapaka, like a yakult straw (I kid you not)
the fact that the girl asked, “have you donated before”
“uh no”
“I’ll have you just look the other way please” (as I draw in this huge motherneedle into your arm without you freaking out)
I thought it would take like 30 mins but it just took a mere 10 mins
things I don’t get told often: “you have great veins!” “uh thanks?”
gonna go in again next month woot
too poor to give moolahs, so I give you my blood (insert teary-eyed laughing emoji here)
also, autumn is finally here!
it is FINALLY cooling down how it should be
though today is like below 20 so I hope she didn’t just go “screw autumn, let’s do winter”
and my current obsession is snapchat
holymudda, now I get the hype
this makcik is too old to keep up ha.
but it is super addictive 
(regressing into teenhood)
(read: I don’t want to grow up)
screw you, responsibilities!

haha, as if.
gotta go and take on the responsibility of gymmin away some fats.


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