so I was talking to jojo yesterday about things on my bucketlist
how I have an endless list of things I want to do etc
and one of em would be skydiving
“what else ada”
and I was like hmm, lemme check it’s been awhile

going through the list I realised a couple of things:
A. I am not even 10% done, I guess that’s why they call it a bucket. in my case maybe they should call it a lori tong sampah, idk
B. Some of these have been done actually, just never got around to updating it
C. Some, on second thought are just completely unattainable and either I was extremely optimistic or delusional (e.g, ask elton john to sing a birthday song for me). yeah, definitely delusional
D. I have actually grown out of some of them too

upwards and onwards I s’pose

it’s friggin’ mid of march


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