so there was this left – right brain test that has been circulating on fb lately and obviously me being me, I took it
(of course the credibility of this test is questionable)
and apparently I’m a right brainer – like 43-57
the thing is, this isn’t the first time I did a test like this and getting a result like that
I also asked all my lab people to actually do the test
and so far, I’m the only right brainer
which could explain a lot of things 
like how I’m so pedantic about the prettiness/visual aesthetics of a powerpoint/poster vs the actual data (which is more importante)

anyhoo, this result shows that I’m almost balanced which means that I’m pretty much average in either the lefty stuff or the righty stuff
so how now brown cow?
It’s autumn now in mel-town
but mother nature is being hormonal as per usual and summer is back with a vengeance
like it is hot and humid af
and my working temperature is 20 to 25
above 25 I’m just a bucket of melted mess
It is month 2/week 8/day 56 of #opkudan
and so far so good
some friends think I’m crazy but heck, at least am doing something I can actually control
still a long way to go like another 5 months
but chugging along steadily yo.

also been having this weird “want” to go dancing*shrugs*


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