dear world,

I am sick
one of the worst feelings ever (yes I am a grown woman whining #myblogmyrulez)
obvs super grown up by the use of ‘rulez’
all I want now is chicken pumpkin soup
but I would totally settle for bubur ayam mcD
but nay, I am here
the land where they don’t provide mcDelivery or bubur ayam mcD

*buries self in sheets*




just watched probably the most tear-jerking episode of Criminal Minds
and the bad news (or worst news) is that Derek Morgan/Shemar Moore is gonezo
so no more eye candy boo
I always liked his character
and I realised I like Dwayne Johnson/The Rock too
there is a trend here ha.
bald and mixed lulz
It’s the five day Easter weekend
what I aim to do:
– catch up on sleep
– catch up on work
– catch up on work
– catch up on work

so much work. so little time, such limited brain RAM.
I have eaten too many chocolate eggs it’s ridic
and to be honest, I think I’ve been rather good with my chocoholic tendencies
but all these eggs sorta opened the floodgates
and now I feel like baking something chocolatey tomorrow
like chewy choc chips.
damn son.

also, this song from Zayn is surprisingly good.

march into april

more like falling helplessly into april 
without some kind of brake whatsoever (or shall I say break *ba dnk tss*)
It’s been pretty full on these past few days
I am just tired all day errday
I come back home and totally, totally check out my brain and do braindeady stuff like watch series and buzzfeed 
what I need to do is continue doing the work I didn’t get to do at work at just try and finish it at home.
almost emailed this person on linkedin because I wanted to know how he got to where he is. reason being, I think what he does is pretty much exactly what I want to do in the future
he’s like the “quentin tarantino” of the science world
minus the blood and gore (and guns) of course

long story short, I bailed
takpa, next time
“so going anywhere this easter?”
what I say: “nah bruh, no time”
what I *want*: “yea boi, gonna go up to byron bay for a coupla days”

so is life.
(ish, such a ranty post tsk)
The attempt to counter my fears/worries is still an ongoing project of mine
putting myself out there in terms of ideas and/or talent is, I would say, a work in progress
KIV so to speak
I did however donated blood last weekend!
big feat for me because:
1. I’m scared of blood
2. I’m scared of needles
which is pretty much what it is really
Blood coming from people I’m still ok with but do get a bit icky
If the blood was however coming from me…oh lord
and I have been scared of needles for a very long time
and this needle is a huge ass madapaka, like a yakult straw (I kid you not)
the fact that the girl asked, “have you donated before”
“uh no”
“I’ll have you just look the other way please” (as I draw in this huge motherneedle into your arm without you freaking out)
I thought it would take like 30 mins but it just took a mere 10 mins
things I don’t get told often: “you have great veins!” “uh thanks?”
gonna go in again next month woot
too poor to give moolahs, so I give you my blood (insert teary-eyed laughing emoji here)
also, autumn is finally here!
it is FINALLY cooling down how it should be
though today is like below 20 so I hope she didn’t just go “screw autumn, let’s do winter”
and my current obsession is snapchat
holymudda, now I get the hype
this makcik is too old to keep up ha.
but it is super addictive 
(regressing into teenhood)
(read: I don’t want to grow up)
screw you, responsibilities!

haha, as if.
gotta go and take on the responsibility of gymmin away some fats.


I just couldn’t.
It got immensely boring, think might’ve lost a couple of brain cells along the way too ha.
How do people find this fun? or even remotely, useful?
They should have a tinder for like makan places (fooder? feeder?)
just pics of the dishes they serve and we swipe left if we no like
and swipe right if we would want it inside of us nownow
then the “result” would just be us knowing where it is 
Kinda like a flip zomato app

how to get bikini bod like this?