something that I don’t do
or never ever have done
but I do in someways “research” and find out details about them
currently: trevor noah
I mean, this dude, is funny af, intelligent, witty and of course so adorbs
I’ve obviously regressed to being a teenager
and “research” I did – found out he has a MODEL girlfriend, who is hot. like hot hot.
his ex should also be a model because she too is hot squared
I don’t know why I do this though
What are the odds of me ever meeting with this person anyways (or any of the past I’ve “fangirled” about)
and to defy the law of the universe of the miniscule possibility of something happening (friendship etc.)

so Imma blame my hormones.
those crazy kids.

also, been missing dancing
like for realz
missing learning a choreo, worrying about casting and practicing to get into a gig etc.

so I’ve just been watching countless youtube choreo vids and this right hurr, is my fav at the mo’

that suh-wag.


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