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on a completely unrelated noteI’ve been walking down memory lane quite a bit lately (which is a very long road)but mainly on the fb from pictures that people have tagged of meand oh my, the fashion choices I’ve made in the past memang kena langgar lori berkali-kalifashion popo would’ve sent me to jail for lifeso for that reason I started decluttering my closet and just chucking things I would never wear anymore in this day and ageman, macam nightmarePor ejemplo, I have these 3/4s brown pants which were something like cargo pants from body glove and I looooooved themI’d wear them with this white and brown hoodie which matched my pants perfectly ha.and I’d wear a coloured singlet underneath and topped it off with these graffitied chucks (with of course coloured socks)I LEGIT thought I looked cool, walking with all that swag and shiz to lectures back at uniadoi obviously, kelly circa 2006 – 2009 was DELUSIONAL
such a late bloomer lah this flower.


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