sugar rush

so I’ve been trying (keyword: trying) to eat healthy these past few weeks (just two really)
and I haven’t really baked anything
which is so un-me
today I had a sugar craving and had overripe bananas 
usually I’d make banana muffins but yes healthykellymode
googled “banana mug cake healthy”
and found a recipe which is okay
jazzed it up a bit

you would need:
– 1 super ripe banana
– 3 tbsp of self-raising flour
– 1 tbspish of milk
– 2 tsp of sugar (could’ve cut this down some more actually)
– a sploosh of vanilla essence
– a dash of cinnamon

mash errthang together in a bowl/ramekin/whatever you have and zap it for 1 min in the microwave and voila!
yummo calories in a form of a banana mug cake (or in my case bowl cake)

add a dollop of nutella on it and watch it melt 

consume at own pace 


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