maggi ayam

brighton beach | december 2015

I was missing my dad this week
and as I was making my *ehem* dinner tonight which was maggi ayam
I realise that I would kinda make it like how he did it before
he would always “upgrade” the maggi until it even looked better than the picture
added fishcake, some greens, onions/shallots and of course, the default egg
wham bam dinner’s ready mam (ok that was lame)
but so yum
MSG in the maggi must stand for Mmmmm Saahhh Gewwd (okay that was even more lame)
I am killing it tonight lah.

Whoa, mid-Jan already
yo Homie, mind pressing the ‘slow’ button for a wee bit there? (like I said, “killing it”)
I started to go to pilates recently
started meaning I’ve only been to two classes in total
and surprisingly I quite like it
it’s the kind of exercise where during the class itself, it feels so calming, you’re relaxed, stretching a bit over there and some over here
and you’re like alright, I can do diz
all is well in kellyville
and then you come back from the class all stretched out and super chill
till the next day, the pain hits you like a mudapaka (!)
all of a sudden, you are somewhat paralysed, mainly in the core area
and you feel like you have a “fake six pack” for a good 2 days
(I do like that feeling oddly)
so am starting to mix it up a bit with all them other classes
the second class though went something like this

instructor: *in a super zen voice* now bend your knees and make sure that your tailbone is sticking straight down
k: “say whaat”
*instructor comes over and fixes me*
k: oh.
instructor: now do this position
k: how the hellll am I gonna do that now –
instructor: now do this
k: alright alright getting the hang of diz (please don’t fart, please don’t fart)

ok I’ll stop there ha.

and cycling of course – 30 km is the record so far (wootz)

this year am gonna be abit selfish and just focus on me, the phd and the bo-d
#opkudan is a go go

also this song – *le chillz*


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