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2016 is here!
I have to admit that I’ve been waiting for 2016 for quite awhile now
2015 was a ride to say the least
To start things off, I thought I’d start by rather than listing my new year’s resolutions (which is pretty much the same every.single.year with a few tweaks here and there), but to list things I was grateful for 2015.

1. Seeing the mum and sis multiple times here and back home
2. Finally learned how to ride a bike (leveling up) – also, rode the bike to elwood and rode at night for the very first time to listen out a Taytay’s concert ha. and riding with the sis too.
3. Gave my first presentation in a local oz conference 
4. Managed to steal time away to:
– spend a few nights at Venus Bay (scooped up pipis by the beach!)
– go to Cape Schanck
– hiked at night (short la tapi) at Mt Macedon to catch a meteor shower *saw my first and 5 other shooting stars*
– went to a Tedtalk series
– brunches, lunches and dinners with friends old and new
5. Coloured my hair (why am I grateful for this lol) #yolo
6. Managed to squeeze in a visit to see the extended fambam after 5 years not seeing each other 
7. Sent the sister to college (!)
8. Multiple times seeing the friends I haven’t seen in awhile #winningatLDR
9. Queued up for 3 hours (after waking up at 5am) for croissants at Lune – #priorities
10. Went to Ed’s and Sam’s concerts (!!)
11. Finally, finally drove in Melbourne.

*order does not represent significance or neither it is in chronological order.

okay 2016 lezdodiz.


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