Have you ever seen a shooting star?
I haven’t
Up till yesterday night
Some friends and I took a super random trip up to mount macedon to watch the geminids meteor shower
and yup, at night, it was dark as
As we drove away from the city, the stars started to become so much clearer
it was just amazing.
We parked, set up with some lights (mind you, this was my first ever night hike!)
and started walking up the trail
we climbed some rocks, found a flat-ish spot and just laid there
It was so quiet, so peaceful and the weather was perfect
I could’ve laid there all night, stargazing
the sweet spot was supposed to be below orion’s belt i.e. the only constellation I can recognise (harhar)
And I saw not only one but six,  SIX shooting stars/meteors
there was one particular one that was huuuuge and we all saw it, it felt kinda special in a way ha.
It didn’t feel real but wow.
Just wow.
Definitely going to do this more often

2016 here I come.


decembah is here!
the friday of the year
I am so fcking ready for the new year 
so over 2015
reset button here I come

the bawse liked my shirt today
reason being it looked like art
i.e. I was a walking painting

there is a whole ‘nother phase on facebook now
so first it was engagements
then weddings
and then the babies
and now, oh lawd now,
people are sharing articles about tips and tricks about how to raise a child
how do I unfollow this 😐

lastly, this song

that voice is like butter man.