1. 1.
    an act or judgement that is misguided or wrong.
    “coming here was a mistake”
  1. 1.
    be wrong about.
    “because I was inexperienced I mistook the nature of our relationship”
    synonyms: misunderstandmisinterpret, get wrong, put a wrong interpretation on, misconstruemisapprehendmisreadmiss, take amiss

    “men were so apt to mistake their own feelings”

    be wrong, be in error, be at fault, be under a misapprehension, be misinformed, be misguided, be wide of the mark, be barking up the wrong tree, get the wrong end of the stick
    “I’m afraid you are mistaken—I’ve never been here before”

you know people say “you should take chances etc, who knows what you’d miss? you wouldn’t know what would happen? etc. etc. etc.”
taking chances = risks/mistakes or amazing things happen
and that kinda sucks especially when it is the former and not the latter
life is short. and by making mistakes we wouldn’t learn
and in a way, not learning, we will never come out of our shell 
I’m not saying it is pleasant (most of the time it ain’t)
mistakes mould us
mistakes show us what we really want and what we really really DON’T want
mistakes do NOT define who we are
and let’s face it, everybody makes mistakes
whether they make it discreetly or explicitly
it does happen
so okay
game plan yo.

1. tell yoself it is OKAY to make mistakes
2. BRUSH that shit off, like really BRUSH IT, it happened. dassit. live a little.
3. MOVE the fck on. (sorry for the vulgarity – thought it was necessary for making the point across is that right? I don’t know, I’m still kinda medicated)

so yeah.


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