I have been having trouble sleeping for the past, hmm 1 month plus?
it sucks
it makes me grumpy in the morning
and I dread going through the day
so the person actually gave me this ’15 tips for sleep hygiene’

1. Get regular 
the effed up thing is that I am always regular when it comes to sleeping. I love  sleeping, like seriously if it was a job, I’d be an expert at it.
but hohum okay, let’s try this again

2. Sleep when sleepy
hmm, okay, I’ll try this (again)

3. Get up & try again
okay, this actually worked (tried and tested zing)

4. Avoid caffeine and nicotine
been doing this all my life. donezo.

5. Avoid alcohol
see point 4.

6. Bed is for sleeping
This is a funny one. It actually says “try not to use your bed for anything other than sleeping and sex so that your body comes to associate bed with sleep”

Uh. okay, sleep and sex goddit.
(uses bed for everything including reading, eating, streaming) – work in progress

7. No naps
Hard one but yeah, trying my best here

8. Sleep rituals
*no goat’s heart involved* uh ok lame joke but basically it suggests breathing exercises etc.

9. Bathtime

10. No clock-watching
I try not to do this but then I would guesstimate the time based on
a. colour of sky
b. sounds of birds chirping
c. sounds of the traffic

11. Use a sleep diary
Will attempt.

12. Exercise.
Will also attempt

13. Eat right.
Have been doing but kinda flaky now.

14. The right space.
Yup, bed all comfy surrounded by pillows

15. Keep daytime routine the same.
It’s the same errday.

Here’s to better sleep
We hope.
*fingers and toes crossed*


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