Nowplaying: hotline bling cover by daniela andrade (seriously so darn good)

Wow such a feat to blog through the tab
was gonna embed the video but nuu, ain’t gonna happen
I’ll probs just edit this post later
snippets of nahvember (signs am actually dreading the end of the year cause that really means I’ve got 1.5 years dassit)

1. things, in general need (read: must) get better soon. I mean, come on, gotta catch a break sometime soon right? It has just been such a rollercoaster year and to be honest I’m tired of holding my breath. I just want to land. Please.

2. I chopped my hair, well in reality just a good 5 to 6 inches off and got some new specs so yes, quite obviously I am SO ready for a change. Yeah, am talking to you big guy.

3. I need to learn to brush things off. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m way better compared to KZ v2.5 but need to be more blasé about things. Like, everything will be okay and really just maintain that “right things will happen at the right time”

4. I will be okay.


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