I don’t usually gravitate towards this genrebut this one is catchy af
sunday morning cookie count: 5


gym potato

this is a more ‘note-to-self’ for me

don’t go 5 months without gym
today I decided to go to a bodypump class
everything was easy breezy till we went to the squat track
halfway, and my legs were just shaking like nobody’s biz
and then lunges
see, I have a love-hate relationship with lunges
on good days I’m like, “yeah, this could work, I could love you maybe
and on some bad days like today, “WHY do you exist?”

finished the class with some abs which is an okay track
suffice to say, after the whole class, the soreness just kicked in so quickly
I went down the small set of stairs from the class
and I literally feel like a friggin’ baby giraffe who just learned how to walk

so don’t be a gym potato.


I do this every year
it’s the new year’s resolution list again
and I’m not saying that I always resolve all of them most of the time I’ll be halfway
they kinda act as a guide, a “code-of-conduct” so to speak para mi
but I haven’t actually started a list just yet
so here’s number 1
cliche nak mamps la 

1. To not give up trying and giving it my best

Basically sounding like a broken record here  but I just really need to focus on the road ahead (spesh grad-school related) and kinda just chug along my railway and not deviate from this path (“swim in your own lane”). I’ve got a time limit and I would probably need to chug along faster as I go but it will be okay.


wow that’s a lame ass title

okay, but it is kinda true
I feel somewhat “rejuvenated” to a certain extent compared to last week’s soiree
and here’s hoping this is an upward climb up the mountain of positivity (and awesomeness)

a friend asked me today,
“what is your goal in life?”
and like whoa, that question has probably the cliche-est of answers in the world but it is also one of the toughest.
so here’s mine.

I’d like to reach a point in life where I am completely at peace with everything I’ve done, be it right or wrong, everything I am, at that present and anything I’ll become in that near future. I want to be completely happy and thankful with everything and everyone I have around me. I want to be able to have the luxury of having options, be it where to eat on a friday night out, a place to travel during my holidays or even petty things like, can I just skip this meeting and go for a walk by the beach instead sorta thing. So yeah, I don’t know when, I don’t know how but I know someday that will happen.

cape schanck nov 2015