late sunday nights be feelin’ like

just gon’ blog through songs now halast presentation tomorrow for the year *yay*hope it goes okaywe’re going up to mount macedon (fresh air yes puhlease)
this year is just a rollercoaster ride lah.


dear diary,

I rode my bike to uni.

no, no I meant to say,
what whaaaat?
for most of you, this is not a feat
but to me it’s like one of my fears
I never, yes I repeat NEVER took off my training wheels
My late dad would insist to take off the training wheels off my mickey mouse bike
but I’m like no. 
Fast forward a few years later, at 15ish
I learned to ride a bike from my uncle – 1st day 11 bruises in total
I pretty much langgar all the things you could langgar
Then fast forward till college years, went on ONE cycling date with the best friend
and that was my “cycling experience”

So suffice to say, that this is a win
now I just need to gain more confidence in turning
balance a bit more (read: a hell lot more)
and I should be fine.

this sunday feels like:

***side note: started to watch Trevor Noahcan I just say,HE FUNNEHhope he comes down to melb again
“this mofo got flow fo sho'”

seeing red

Last week I carpe diem-ed
and bought myself a bike
a red bike
of which I had to ride all the way from Vic Market back to the house (which in honesty, isn’t really far ha)
I haven’t rode a bike since like what, five-ever?
and it was quite daunting riding in the streets (lol that sounded badass) with cars
but man, was it liberating!
so now, here’s to more bike rides and more adventures with my ‘flaming chilli api’
need to paint some chillies on the bike 🙂


WARNING: this is a vent-out

you would think there are normal and/or decent people around in this world
but suffice to say, there isn’t many
and just when you think you’ve met someone who is somewhat normal
life just effs with you and just do the whole wham-bam-thankyoumam
“I’m like effin’ not”
sometimes I really do feel life’s just messin’ with me for the fun of it
I mean, come on, we’re a bit too old for this shiz lah

not getting conned again.

this weekend feels like: