divi divi

obviously I’m distracted
had a bad run for the upcoming presentation yesterday which really is bumming
I need to just get my shit together
nothing worthwhile ever comes easy
so I need to gather up all the pieces of my self esteem and stick em back together
plaster up and mini holes
and inflate that shit up, pronto


this picture was taken on Baby Beach on Aruba, this amazing little happy island I call ‘kampung’
this tree I think is probably one of the most iconic trees for the island and I love how everytime I look at it, it’ll take me back
I remembered this day like it was yesterday
It was a beautiful sunny day and I went to the beach with my dad and my sister
Mum stayed back with a friend for a chat
The water was crystal clear and best part, there were almost no people on the beach
The beach was white and we started picking up seashells (as one should do duh)
if you squint, in a distance you can see this thin line of rocks
this was man-made and it was used to separate the baby beach bay and the friggin ocean
we went snorkelling and oh my, so many fishes!
we went closer to the rocks
and we could feel that the water started to get a wee bit colder
since we were getting closer to the ocean side
the water even got a bit choppy
( I was freaking out just a bit)
but there were even more pretty things to see near the rocks
just as we were admiring all dem purdy fishes (I actually saw a box fish, or blowfish? sah keeyoot)
someone from a distance shouted “hey, look a barracuda”
man, did I run (or swim) for my life
to safer waters ha.

speaking of, I should better get back to this shiznit
good vibes are needed tqvm.


i.e. signs of stress

1. procrasticleaning
– usually in the wee hours of the morning

2. multiple tabs open on chrome
– these include – uni email (as you should), pubcrawler (not the one you’re thinking about, gotta hunt them journal articles, facs booking calendar, microscope booking calendar


how to make dumplings, what is napa cabbage, ebgames and of course this blog website

3. increase in nutella eating capacity
– oh the caloriessssss

4. sleeping. like a lot of sleeping
– can I just be a human burrito forever?

5. having this urge to travel
– why am I so distracted omg



For some reason,
mother nature decided to go back to winter
It is fuh-reezing today
shiver me timbers

am in the midst of writing the script for my talk
and am having a wee bit of a kerfuffle doing so
what I want to write is something flawless and intelligent-sounding
what I come up with is,
“HAYY YAW, so like, here’s my protein and like it does this stuff, ain’t it kewl?”

oh bimbo, why are you so bimbo.

okay, I need to get shiz togedaaa

go me.

phase gap

I have to admit
I am a little worried
It has happened more often than not, the “phase-gap”
i.e. when two individuals are in different phases in life ergo having different priorities, needs and wants
My worry is (to add to my evergrowing list of worries) is that there will be no one else who is in the same “phase” as I am and so I will be caught in limbo
like a survivor on an isolated island (gila over wey)
but you know, it is a tad worrying
“just keep swimming”

everytime I fly, I will make sure I’ll get the window seat
I love watching sunsets and sunrises from the plane
I mean, it really is a picturesque moment
and not to mention the scenery that you’ll get to see (bird’s eye view)
This particular picture was taken on top of some -tan countries in that area
(I think)
and it was just breathtaking, I wish I had a better camera to capture every bit of it
but meh
I have no idea when I’ll get to fly again
seeing that the clock is ticking
and them results are getting delayed
mainly because of me
and my (as it seems to be) flood of bad experiments
oh lawdy.


conference in a week!
and she needs to speak!

all the feels.