negative results

is probably the 3rd worst nightmare of a scientist
yeah sure, you have “results”
but they’re not ground-breaking or bubble-bursting
it’s like “hey, this didn’t work, so don’t do this”

I think dreams, although they are somewhat of an escape from reality
sometimes they feel so real you thought they were actually  the real dealio
which sucks especially when you’re about to eat this amazing yumyum and you are and it tastes amazing then you wake up ohsosuddenly and whambamthankyoumam
you’re in bed and wondering what time of the night it is

however what sucks even more
is when these dreams play on your heartstrings
I wouldn’t bore you with the details of this particular dream
but it felt so real, it’s ridiculous
I mean, RI.DI.CU.LOUS!
those butterflies
that heartbeat
(ye this is a cheesy post, deal with it ha)
that fuzzy warm feeling
and I realise how much I miss having those feelings
I mean, fo’ real, fo’ real.

oh well.


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