scaredy cat

So I’m a bit of a scaredy cat
but I will watch horror because of curiosity mainly
(and I guess, the adrenaline high too)
I’ll use a holey blanket and/or my hands

I’ve been watching this list of short horror films
and I’m only up to 11 so far
good thing I have these handy hands
of which I realise the spaces between my fingers are the perfect size to block the screen
yes lame kelly is lame.

what else is new?


research for me is kinda like a snakes and ladders game
I mean, fo’ real fo’ real
sometimes you get a hit/hint/clue and you climb up this ‘ladder of hope’ 
not really knowing what’s to come, off you go, tralala-ing all the way
then boom (surprise mudafaka – excuse my french), a snake bites you and you slide down the ‘slide of disappointment’ and you’re back to square one

today is a snake day
so I’m off to do what anyone would do
drown my sorrows in gelato



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