inevitable as it is.



scone in 60 seconds

So the other day I bought cream
purpose was to make scones to bring up the mountain
during the hike
but uh, that didn’t happen
so we made carbonara (two times)
and I still had some more cream left over
ergo, scones were made
this recipe is the bomb

you would need:
– 3.5 cups of self raising flour (I made my own by adding 1.5 tsp of baking powder and 0.5 tsp of salt to 1 cup of flour)
– 2 tbsp of granulated sugar
– 60 g of butter (cubed)
– 1.5 cups of buttermilk (made my own again, added 1 tbsp of vinegar to 1 cup of skim milk and leave for about 10ish mins)
– jam and whipped cream 
– or nutella (awe to the some)

1. preheat oven to 200 C
2. chuck the flour sugar and a pinch of salt into a large bowl – add the cubed butter and rub the butter until the mixture kinda looks like fine breadcrumbs
3. make a hole in the centre and add the buttermilk, use a spatula to combine everything
4. place the dough on a lightly floured surface and knead until dough doesn’t stick to your hand – let it rest for 5ish mins
5. roll out to a 3 cm thick disc shape and cut using a 5cm round cutter
6. place scones, touching onto a baking tray and bake those babies for 15 to 17 mins until light golden and hollow when tapped
7. serve with jam and cream (and nutella)

to be honest, I’m in pretty bad shape.
much like the leftover dough which wasn’t enough to make a perfect round scone
yeah, that’s how I feel..

incomplete and all lop-sided.

negative results

is probably the 3rd worst nightmare of a scientist
yeah sure, you have “results”
but they’re not ground-breaking or bubble-bursting
it’s like “hey, this didn’t work, so don’t do this”

I think dreams, although they are somewhat of an escape from reality
sometimes they feel so real you thought they were actually  the real dealio
which sucks especially when you’re about to eat this amazing yumyum and you are and it tastes amazing then you wake up ohsosuddenly and whambamthankyoumam
you’re in bed and wondering what time of the night it is

however what sucks even more
is when these dreams play on your heartstrings
I wouldn’t bore you with the details of this particular dream
but it felt so real, it’s ridiculous
I mean, RI.DI.CU.LOUS!
those butterflies
that heartbeat
(ye this is a cheesy post, deal with it ha)
that fuzzy warm feeling
and I realise how much I miss having those feelings
I mean, fo’ real, fo’ real.

oh well.


After god knows how many years,

I’ve successfully made a perfect half-boiled egg (huzzah)
1. rolling boiling water
2. room temp egg
3. 4 mins

and drizzle it with kicap manis
not exactly masterchef-ish but most definitely, comfort food

side note: 3rd year is here
and my time is flying like a mofo

side note part II: I’m starting a new hobby – getting out of the city every other weekend or so (or once a month or something)
this was a shot from last weekend from the Camel’s Hump in Mt Macedon
the view is just breathtaking (insert heart-shaped-eyed smiley face emoji here)

scaredy cat

So I’m a bit of a scaredy cat
but I will watch horror because of curiosity mainly
(and I guess, the adrenaline high too)
I’ll use a holey blanket and/or my hands

I’ve been watching this list of short horror films
and I’m only up to 11 so far
good thing I have these handy hands
of which I realise the spaces between my fingers are the perfect size to block the screen
yes lame kelly is lame.

what else is new?


research for me is kinda like a snakes and ladders game
I mean, fo’ real fo’ real
sometimes you get a hit/hint/clue and you climb up this ‘ladder of hope’ 
not really knowing what’s to come, off you go, tralala-ing all the way
then boom (surprise mudafaka – excuse my french), a snake bites you and you slide down the ‘slide of disappointment’ and you’re back to square one

today is a snake day
so I’m off to do what anyone would do
drown my sorrows in gelato


(may)day part deux

“hey maa it’s may!”
“mayday geddit?”


I know she thinks I’m funny *shoulder brush*
she just is in denial ha.

I have passed the checkpoint last Thursday which means – 
one, I am still in the game (and not getting kicked out huzzah)
two, I have 1.5 years to finish this off and graduate with a floppy hat (and look like a towncrier)
three, I am in still in a state of disbelief that I am actually attempting this. first thing I thought to myself after passing the checkpoint was “holy shiz, I can’t believe I am doing this”

anyhoo, it is May and this month for me is pretty much picking up my blown up brain pieces and gluing ’em back together
(so dramatic I know haha)
but it’s really now all about planning it all to a tee

last weekend was a real weekend – how weekends are supposed to feel like
I had crepes made by my french lab mate on Friday
watched the Avengers on Saturday (imo, the first one was better – I don’t like bots)
and brunch with the girls on Sunday
and bonus, supporting my dearest friend who was doing a run in Brighton at night and the stars were out and I could’ve just laid there all night
couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weekend
(I’m easily pleased obviously)

Let’s see if I can get more weekends like this
a dear friend once told me, “you choose your own reality”
so I’ll try to roll with that

“bet you forgot how it felt already”

and yeah I have
I mean I see it all around me
and I feel it emanating from those people
but how it really feels anymore, from the core, I would’nt know
I am not even sure if I will know what it is even if it hit me in the face
wish there was a book or something that I can use to learn it
but hey, I’m a believer.

and this song is apt.