while doing the usual lab-daily duties (riveting. no? haha)
my lab-mate asked me this question
“what makes you feel most alive?”
and it made me think, hard
it’s not a question of what for me, it’s which one

I’ll update this space when my brain is not pre-occupied 

in other news,
and a note to self
stop overthinking
be it positive
or negative
it’s just not healthy
either it brings you down
it builds up hope and you get intrigued by its novelty
and you become fascinated with its (probable) promises
and you start painting a picture of what it may be, could be or should be
nuh-uh, I ain’t going down that road (regrettably, again)

just get it out
obliterate it
crruuuusssshhhh it
okay OTT, but you get the picture

Hold on we’re going home – Drake (such a friggin’ good song)
and this AMAZEBALLIN’ unplugged version of one of my favourite songs slash potential wedding song (haha) – If I ain’t got you –  Alicia Keys


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