cinnamon rocks

just woke up from a “catnap”

which turned out to be 3 hours
so it was more like a “slothnap” or “koalanap”
speaking of, did you know that koala bears sleep friggin’ 22 hours a day?
I mean like seriously, they are basically in constant hibernation
I want to be a koala
okay, okay that was it for my random fact of the day
back to the cinnamon rocks
no, not cinnamon rocks!
or cinnamon, rocks!
it is literally cinnamon rocks (and rolls) (ba dnk tss)
inside the lab, I’m just really used to following protocols word for word
so outside of the lab, I be like all rebellious and shiz (no, not really)
see when I bake/cook, I’m never really exact and it usually works 95% of the time, 
but it is not this day (5 points if you got the reference)
I think I killed my yeast by scalding them in hot buttery milk 
which probably just melted them away into oblivion
safe to say, my cinnamon rolls did not rise as much as they should
the second blunder was when I baked them twice the time that they should be
ergo, we have cinnamon rocks
the smell is amazing
but the looks are subpar
so very the hampa.

cinnamon rolls take two is a go
or maybe I should just stick to what I’m really good at
cheesecakes and tiramisus

hmm, this deserves a doodle.


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