dem heelz

“wear something you wouldn’t wear to the lab”

I’m like okay.
I wore an oversized shirt, black tights and black studded wedges
yeap, definitely wouldn’t find me dressed like that in the lab (or 95% of the time pun)

So I started walking to the tram stop 
and thought,
hmm, I feel like a giant raksasa in the ultraman series
reason being I don’t wear heels that often
heck, I can probably count the number of times I’ve even wore heels
(yes, I prefer to be closer to the ground, accident prone so if I fall it wouldn’t hurt as much – much logic hey?)
I felt like I was stomping and going all fee fi foo fum basically

after awhile my calves started to hurt
now I understand why these girls have great looking calves
it’s the heels – the muscle is under constant tension
I guess I’d opt for that now or walk around like a velociraptor

this takes practice
but I didn’t fall/trip so that’s a good thing

about time.

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