awan bunyi

In an attempt to come out of my cozy shell a little bit more
I’ve started using more of soundcloud
super raw (since my voice and music playing skillz aren’t exactly legendary)
I just have a couple of songs on it so far
I had this one song like since forever and upon relistening to it again, it kinda sounds very the noob
but heck, practice
I really am happy when I jam
or more like “jam”
wished I had more people I know who would jam with me
(lol that sounded pathetic)
nah the more the merrier


In other news, I just got back from practically one of the best getaways I’ve had with a couple of mates from uni
The weird best part is (that’s a bit of an oxymoron hey) that there was barely any reception
so we were basically just by ourselves in this super secluded place
where the roads were pitch black at night and the only light you could see was that from the almost full moon
We had plenty of beach time, albeit a bit cold but it was amazing nevertheless
we caught pipis which are I guess basically the same family as lalas, clams etc
definitely an experience I’ll never forget
I’m going to make sure I go on more of these excursions
I’ve been here for eons and still haven’t ventured much
I’d really want to go to Tasmania
in due time I guess.

podjuices of the week:

This is a super old song but it’s so goodI actually just had this song stuck in my head just that I completely forgot the title(am terrible at words)so I did what I usually do and just google the bits of lyrics I can remember“swag swag swag swag, alright, okay, I don’t dance no way”but it was really swangwhich is a legit word fyi
and another one: 

am surprised this song is not popular yetcause this pharrell mix is just too good


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