Part I:

I met a boy,
his name was
I met him on a summer’s day
we would watch sunrises together, on that bench
nestled right there in the middle of nowhere
we would have picnics by that lake
and for many moments,
I felt like we were the only ones
we would take walks on the beach
and up to the pier, to that bench
to how it all started
and just as days are, it turned to dusk
as the sun disappears beneath the stormy seas
he vanished too
he left my heart stripped, naked
there I was bare and numb
my raw core 
and then I met

to be continued.



Lost my cool in class
as if I had some to begin with
but let’s pretend that I did
what a day

“you need to try and not show your frustration”


consider it done.

poker face 101 is in biznez

dem heelz

“wear something you wouldn’t wear to the lab”

I’m like okay.
I wore an oversized shirt, black tights and black studded wedges
yeap, definitely wouldn’t find me dressed like that in the lab (or 95% of the time pun)

So I started walking to the tram stop 
and thought,
hmm, I feel like a giant raksasa in the ultraman series
reason being I don’t wear heels that often
heck, I can probably count the number of times I’ve even wore heels
(yes, I prefer to be closer to the ground, accident prone so if I fall it wouldn’t hurt as much – much logic hey?)
I felt like I was stomping and going all fee fi foo fum basically

after awhile my calves started to hurt
now I understand why these girls have great looking calves
it’s the heels – the muscle is under constant tension
I guess I’d opt for that now or walk around like a velociraptor

this takes practice
but I didn’t fall/trip so that’s a good thing

about time.


“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

Quotes just gotta have that courier font I don’t know why, it just seems like more authentic-ish

For some reason, I have this knack with meeting random people on the street
Today’s random stranger was a girl I met in gym class (jelly arms, jelly legs, I am so jellyful – WEAK)
We were talking about uni, life and how I found her hair so cool 
and how she actually took a really big risk to firstly come to a completely different country to study (same banana boat) and secondly to do a course that she’s never done before or not knowing whether she would like it or not
Fortunately, she felt like she made the right decision and she has basically found her niche in a way.
It’s funny how things work out, fated I guess.
I told her I was in probably the other end of the career spectrum, being in research and all and we both agreed that nothing comes easy in everything you do
She gave me this quote, (cue courier font)

“Anything that’s worth having will be a challenge”

And then I found the quote above. 

I know what I like to do, I am just not sure what exactly it is officially.

awan bunyi

In an attempt to come out of my cozy shell a little bit more
I’ve started using more of soundcloud
super raw (since my voice and music playing skillz aren’t exactly legendary)
I just have a couple of songs on it so far
I had this one song like since forever and upon relistening to it again, it kinda sounds very the noob
but heck, practice
I really am happy when I jam
or more like “jam”
wished I had more people I know who would jam with me
(lol that sounded pathetic)
nah the more the merrier


In other news, I just got back from practically one of the best getaways I’ve had with a couple of mates from uni
The weird best part is (that’s a bit of an oxymoron hey) that there was barely any reception
so we were basically just by ourselves in this super secluded place
where the roads were pitch black at night and the only light you could see was that from the almost full moon
We had plenty of beach time, albeit a bit cold but it was amazing nevertheless
we caught pipis which are I guess basically the same family as lalas, clams etc
definitely an experience I’ll never forget
I’m going to make sure I go on more of these excursions
I’ve been here for eons and still haven’t ventured much
I’d really want to go to Tasmania
in due time I guess.

podjuices of the week:

This is a super old song but it’s so goodI actually just had this song stuck in my head just that I completely forgot the title(am terrible at words)so I did what I usually do and just google the bits of lyrics I can remember“swag swag swag swag, alright, okay, I don’t dance no way”but it was really swangwhich is a legit word fyi
and another one: 

am surprised this song is not popular yetcause this pharrell mix is just too good