Dear Mango (the fruit not the brand),

I still can’t cut and slice you neatly and properly
And definitely not present you on a plate to anyone (the horror)
How to kahwin like this?
It starts off so nicely
and then you turn to mush (with no warning I might add)
and I just start using a knife and a spoon (and whatever kitchen utensil I see fit) to scoop you up
it is just an utter mess
This is why I like Watermelon
and Mandarin
and Grape
and Banana
and Chocolate (wait what?)

you’re jealous now huh?



So the other day I did my usual high school teaching
and this girl came up to me and said,
“Miss (oh lawd, I feel old), were you on the tram this morning?”
(confusion ensues)
“Uh, no?”
“Are you sure, you look really familiar”
“Pretty sure, I didn’t ride any trams to come here this morning. I think I have a common face” (laughs awkwardly)

This was not the first time this has happened before.
Must be the asian look – asian genes – we are one (ba dnk tss)

There was this one time, I went to buy some meats from the butcher
and this guy was just staring at me
and he asked,
“Are you from TV?”
(confusion ensues)
“Uh, no?”
“Pretty sure”

so I’ve had a lot of “I’ve seen you from somewhere” or “You look really familiar” or “Have we met before?”
Now I really just think I have a common face
which means that – I ain’t special and
I can’t be a criminal or the like



hi. hello. 
sorry blog, I only use you to arrange my thoughts, you’re kinda like my external brain
there comes to a point, where recent events just change you
it would either change you to become a better person, or I guess more often than not,
a jaded one.
but alas, change is always imminent, inevitable
I think we’re lucky in a way that we are capable of changing
evolving with the events
be it mending that broken heart
or picking up the pieces of those shattered dreams (dramatic gila wey)
but you know what I mean kan?
we would always change, we need to change
to survive emotionally is the hardest
but not impossible.
and sometimes, we have to change for the ones we love. 

“love has no age; no limit; and no death”
-John Galsworthy