A year older, a year wiser
well, that’s what I would like to believe
looking back, there are quite a number of things I’d want a do-over, but as these kids nowadays say, you only live once/you only get one chance
so I am glad that I’ve made those choices (some mistakes) in the past
This birthday, there was only one thing I wanted, and that was to blow candles off my birthday cake
I guess as you grow older too, you tend to want less material things but more things you don’t get to do very often

so birthday weekend for me was laid-back and I did all things I haven’t done in awhile
– sang in the shower
– played the guitar (and sang some more)
– watched ellen videos
– called the mum
– watched first auditions (I live for goosebumps)
– and woke up without having to listen to my alarm. bliss.

Being a brand new age, there are a couple of things/mindset that I’d like to achieve or at least have a mindset of:

No more worrying about what the future will bring. I know what is happening in the present, so live it to the fullest; this includes the degree, the job and the man. The degree is a work in progress and I know that if I play my cards right, I’ll get there somehow, it will take a lot of hard work but it will be well worth it in the end. The job I guess will come after the degree and yes, also a work in progress. The man on the other hand, is a bridge where I will cross once it gets closer. Right now, the bridge I think is way off in a distance so I’m good for now. Subconsciously, yes I use to worry, admittedly quite a bit but I don’t know, I feel somewhat at ease all of a sudden. Like I feel it will be okay in the end, I will be okay. Another thing is to pump up my self-confidence, after all we’re all human, having a bit of low self esteem and/or self-confidence is just some of our flaws. No more of these negative feelings or thoughts, just do what I know is best. For me. 

“Swim in your own lane”


Here’s to a new age, new year and new me. Amin.


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