op de kaart

So here’s a little story about that time when I travelled all the way to V-mont 
My phone got busted so I had to travel by tram, train, bus and feet just to go to the service centre plaza
And because my phone is busted and I have this unhealthy emotional connection/attachment to my phone where I depend on it for everything and anything
I had to actually print out a how-to-get-there – accidental hipster much?
Right after lab-bing, took a tram to MC
and from there took a train all the way to Mitcham
and from Mitcham, took a bus
mind you, I don’t really ever take buses over here
so over the course of 6 years that I’ve been here, that was probably my 4th time
The print out mentioned 30 m, so I started heading down the road
realising that I was kinda lost
seriously, I felt like Dora the Unexplorer with no friggin talking map nor lil monkey with red boots, I did however had the backpack (ba dunk tss)
I decided to ask the petrol station guy so he showed me where I had to go
Upon arrival at the plaza
my first thought was, “heck, this doesn’t even look like a plaza pffth”
my second thought was, “that so wasn’t 30 m”
went in, told my story and boom, got a swap over
good or bad decision?
I have no idea, first time for everything right?
But these are just material things
As long as it’ll work for me for another say, 3 years?
I’ll be happy as a clam.

In other news, here’s hoping to a better 2nd half of the year.


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