Another feel good song!
two of my favourite artists in one song – score 🙂
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op de kaart

So here’s a little story about that time when I travelled all the way to V-mont 
My phone got busted so I had to travel by tram, train, bus and feet just to go to the service centre plaza
And because my phone is busted and I have this unhealthy emotional connection/attachment to my phone where I depend on it for everything and anything
I had to actually print out a how-to-get-there – accidental hipster much?
Right after lab-bing, took a tram to MC
and from there took a train all the way to Mitcham
and from Mitcham, took a bus
mind you, I don’t really ever take buses over here
so over the course of 6 years that I’ve been here, that was probably my 4th time
The print out mentioned 30 m, so I started heading down the road
realising that I was kinda lost
seriously, I felt like Dora the Unexplorer with no friggin talking map nor lil monkey with red boots, I did however had the backpack (ba dunk tss)
I decided to ask the petrol station guy so he showed me where I had to go
Upon arrival at the plaza
my first thought was, “heck, this doesn’t even look like a plaza pffth”
my second thought was, “that so wasn’t 30 m”
went in, told my story and boom, got a swap over
good or bad decision?
I have no idea, first time for everything right?
But these are just material things
As long as it’ll work for me for another say, 3 years?
I’ll be happy as a clam.

In other news, here’s hoping to a better 2nd half of the year.

h’suan wen hua

I did something a lil bit out of character a few days ago

Sure, there has been no reply or any updates about what I have done
but heck, I’ve done it
I’ve actually come out (a wee bit out of my cocoon) 
and it kinda feels good
actually scratch that, it does feel good
Obviously I am not expecting a reply
(to be honest and realistic, I don’t think there will be)
It is a bit too forward perhaps
and maybe if I was at the receiving end, I won’t be too open about it?
I don’t know
the important thing is to just do it
at least you will never have to wonder, “What If?”

no overthinking!

If things are meant to be, they will happen
que sera sera, whatever will be will be

tapi kan, anti-klimax betul lah!


on a completely unrelated note but related to the title of this post
I’m trying out this hair treatment from Lush and it was next to me
and hence with the takde-idea-mode, tada! the title (heh)
will update on this as soon as

ta! 🙂