It is times like these that our vulnerability shows
how life is so fragile
how the uncertainty of it all is just paralysing
the not-knowing is just unbearable
I can only imagine what is going through the minds of those who are affected by this unfortunate event
among all the wars that are happening over at one side of the world between dividing nations
it is a whole other story on the other side
Nations are stripping bare of their nationalities, religion, race and uniting instead to search for that missing plane
We are all only human after all; my faith in humanity is restored
I hope the beacon of hope still burns strong throughout the search and rescue expedition

My prayers are with all of you.


“who knows, maybe you’ll find your prince charming”

something I heard just a few days ago.
I don’t know, I quite honestly have probably abandon the idea or even the shred of reality there is to that possibility of this supposed “prince charming” 
Maybe growing old (or wiser) has somewhat made me a cynic, made me more of a realist, less of a dreamer
When I was younger, I would hear the saying, “takkanlah perigi pergi cari baldi”
or in super-direct-translation “why would the well go find the pail?” (man, that sounds horrible in english heh)
in Disney world, it was usually the prince who finds/saves/words-to-describe-princey-things to the girl
so in retrospect, it’s the guys who find the girls
but now, it’s all-rules-out-the-window, perigi, baldi, everything goes woo!
sadly enough, for me, the game is put in ‘advanced-mode’ (or level tahap dewa lol)
due to my terrible shyness (an introverted extrovert)
I ain’t made for thiz shiz (youknowwhatfaceI’mmaking)

man, am I whinging like a motha
just go with the flow I suppose?
on that note, 
I’m ending this with a supermushy song 

a dreamer can never really stop dreaming huh?