growing up is fckin’ hard
and it’s not like it comes with a warning or anything
just the occasional gray disclaimer that we’re lucky to be still young etc.
well not anymore
timewarp and boom! you’re an adult
no handbook, no ikea-esque manual, no nothin’

we’re just winging it.
kinda like modern day cavepeople
if you’ve caught my drift?




Oh god, I ate too much today
All day long I’ve been munchin’ like a hamster
And my latest sin is eating a chocolate chip cookie in a mug
too easy, too fast, too many calories
WHY am I doing this?
I’m pseudopreggo, that’s why
and it’s gonna be a loooooong one (almost half a decade to be exacto)
In other news, Bruno Mars is finally coming to Melbourne again and I found out about the ticket presale TWO WHOLE DAYS after it happened
(ticketek, you disappoint me *angryface)
now all what’s left are seats behind big giant pillars
and all I can say is BOO
Things are really starting to pick up pace and I’ve made a promise that this time I’m going to keep on my tippy toes and hold on much tighter
So yes, I’ve heard the horror stories (and I’m sure there are more to come, from me included) but when the going gets tough, the tough gets going right?
oh my that was cheesy, true, but still cheesy


I need to get my ass to the gym lah.


so I did a really rookie move yesterday – by dropping boxes into the humongous liquid nitrogen tank. and to make matters even worse, they weren’t mine (dun dun dun)
after a long holiday which obviously wiped out part of my memory, I mistook which compartment my stuff were in
and usually when you drop those boxes, your samples are for donezo (ie you ain’t never getting those shiz back) they have basically been sent to their frozen hell
of course I panicked first (yet another rookie move) and then  started to ask people for help
you would think that people would have some backup plan when these kind of things happen but oh hell to-the no, they don’t
we tried to scoop the boxes out with this thing we found in the storage room and that’s when things when spiralling down to that frozen demise. literally
the box opened and out came all the tiny vials – here comes panic stage part deux
luckily the other lab had these ginormous forceps which helped pull out the vials, one by one (painfully slow)
but hey at least they could be saved
aided with the security guard’s torch and good ‘ol team spirit, we managed to retrieve all the vials
and they lived happily ever after heh.
after beating myself up repeatedly enough, I gathered my sanity and went home
I started overthinking as I usually do and thought that this could be some sort of bad omen or a small taste of what is to come for this new chapter of my life
of course, I stopped myself from overthinking and told myself to
and figured, “hey, this could happen to anybody”
sure, I am blessed with them attractive clumsy panicky genes 
but shit just happens you know

I am over it.