so glad this Justin’s back!



I recently became a member of my local cineplex

just yet another not-a-credit card to add to my collection of cards
you know in those movies, where they flip out their wallet and out comes this accordion of credit cards/kids photos, that’s me with all these member cards
It usually goes like this,
“Hi, how you goin”
“Hey, just these two please”
“Alright, I’ll ring them up for you. Would like to become a member? It’s free!”
“Yeah sure, why not”
It’s the free-word that gets to me
I am definitely the customer that everyone would want heh
Anyhoo, I’m not complaining though
These membership cards really can get you good stuff
especially on your birthday – free movie tickets, free drinks, free this and that, you know, the goods 
I think I’ve never ever been this up to date with new movies until now
(woo 5 points!)
I watched Django Unchained last Sunday and it was a really good movie.
It’s your typical Tarantino flick, with lots of blood, I mean really lots of blood. Imagine The Expendables but with more plot, old-fashioned guns, lots of swearing (of course-there’s Samuel Jackson) and Leo DiCap.
It’s definitely a one-time-must-see movie.

Other movies on my list: Anna Karenina, The Great Gatsby & Gangster Squad (psyched!)
Need to read books pronto.

I’ve also been following a new series (well a new one for me that is) which is Suits. 
And oh boy, have I got a may-jah crush on Mr. Harvey Specter.
That is all.