sup homies!
*turns swag off
(like I had some to begin with lol)
well, what do we have here?
a dusty, dusty blog
how long has it been man?
anyhoo, merry christmas and a happy new year!
never too late eh? (it’s still o-thirteen no?)
another year for ups, downs and turnarounds (wee)
here’s a lil somethin’ somethin’:

new year’s resos I have aplenty
I started making a list, oh golly, why so many?!
so here I go being almost twenty five
holy snickerdoodles, I want some apple pie!

obviously, another year wiser but much lame-r
and still suck at rhyming (gave up at the fourth line-what a trooper haha)
I’m beyond help heh
for this year, my first new year’s reso is to stop worrying and be all que sera sera and shit
no more what ifs, just plain ‘ol go with the flow
last year was definitely a very trying year and being a worrywart certainly did not help the slightest bit
so here’s to fate and chance!

can I just say that Bruno Mars’ new album is just amazeballs? 



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