cookie monster

I think the best part of baking cookies
is the lick-the-mixing-whisks part 
after I’m all done with mixing the carefully (sometimes) measured ingredients together making a lovely, buttery, choc chippery concoction
I’ll scoop the cookie dough onto a baking sheet, chuck it in the oven, set the timer
and omnomnom the cookie dough from the whisks while waiting for le cookies to bake
(cringeworthy, I know)
and that’s reason numero uno why I must never be a pastry chef
I’ll be gobbling all the yumyums before it gets to the customers (heh)
and I’ll prolly look like a michelin man woman(double heh)
the second best part has to be scooping the cookies using the spatula and putting them onto a cooling rack
I don’t know, I guess it is a wee bit bizarre
but it gives me a buzz, the good kind
like “oh yeeees, my preeecious cookieeees are done”
now imagine that in a creepy, crazy, mad genius tone.

all weirdness and randomness aside, they are absolutely deeelightful 🙂

*this picture approximates how my cookies look like

yay, Friday is here!


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