para el mundo

The place was dimly lighted with crystal chandeliers hanging above
and the atmosphere was lively and bustling
It was heartwarming that one was able to see so many different people coming together
in that room, there was no such distinctions based on race, religion or culture
everybody was there, as mere human beings who share their love for peace and happiness
It was humbling listening to their stories
how some people struggled to live
to find a place that will welcome them with warmth and love
to find a place where they will never have to be scared 
to find a place where their children can have a childhood
One is reassured that despite all the wars that are happening at present
there are people who are fighting these wars with love and peace.

“Freedom should not be something that we must fight for, it should be something that we give” -PPpoet

why don’t you reveal yourselves?


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