hopeless romantic

I must admit, I turn into mush with wedding-themed movies
and extra mush during those proposal scenes
I know they’re all movies and people tell me that those kind of things don’t really happen in real life
but, you know, I think they do
of course it’s not going to be totally according to the fairy tale script (riding the horse into the sunset and scenes like that) 
but it still ends with the happy ending
so do yourself a favour and pick one (or two or three – hey I don’t judge from this wonderful list of mugcakes (some assembly required):
and pick a movie! (they’re tested to turn you into mush by yours truly)
Marry Me
The Wedding Date
The Wedding Planner
My Fake Fiancé
The Bachelor
Because I Said So

cheesiness guaranteed.



have you ever felt so disappointed in yourself?
where you start dissecting the past
finding flaws in what you have done 
trying to find where you could have gone wrong
or where you could have been more careful when stepping on those stones of life
well I have, very recently as a matter of fact
in three words or less, it fudgin’ sucks.
but then I gave myself a slap (or two) and realised it is not all that bad
I think that’s one of my flaws, I’m a cup-half-empty person
and I know I have to change that, sometime, somehow
it’s not going to be sunny all the damn time
clouds will come rolling in, rain and storms will appear once in awhile etc.
but the sky will always be blue most of the time
and I think sometimes we I just forget that.


It has been about two days since I have completed the course 
and as I sit down here drinking my cold and yummy teh tarik ais from a packet
I realised that so far I have clocked in:
1. 12 hours or more a day of sleeping (booyah!)
2. cookie count: 15 cookies and counting…
3. food consumed: 15 cookies, curry mee, one fish finger thing and other junk

I am so happy I can cry
It has been quite awhile since I have been able to do the two things that are super stress-free – eating and sleeping only
I am in total sloth-mode.
*happy sigh

correction: 17 cookies and counting heh